Steve Burch takes lead on new BDG venture RBD Advisory Ltd

Steve Burch has joined the Business Daily Group of companies as co-founder and director of RBD Advisory Ltd.
Steve will help businesses win work across UK rail projects. Previously, Steve was director and founder of CoCreate Solutions Ltd and has significant expertise in helping clients create new joint ventures, alliances and other strategic partnerships across a range of industries and geographies.

RBD Advisory and BDG company RBD Ventures combine strong expertise with specialist insight, helping to transform businesses by supporting them to adapt and meet their customers’ ever-changing requirements. BDG is a trusted partner to clients, offering a range of services designed to deliver sustainable success.

David McLoughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Business Daily Group, says Steve Burch’s arrival in the BDG family is great news for businesses.

He said: “Steve has incredibly high levels of expertise and will put businesses that RBD Advisory work with in the strongest possible position to win work and enjoy growth. We’re very excited that Steve has co-founded RBD Advisory and will set the company’s direction. As anyone that talks to him will quickly discover, if you want to grow your business Steve and his team are the people to advise you.”

From 1997, Steve was a founding member of KPMG’s Joint Venture Advisory Practice.

Steve has a strong track record of advising clients through the partnership lifecycle and helps his clients to identify the sources of value from strategic collaborations, identify and screen partners, develop compelling offers for his clients to attract new clients, and design the operating and commercial structures that deliver value.


RBD Advisory provides businesses with a partner who understands how to help long-term thinking, design for success and wise investment. As well as expert advisors in a range of key business growth areas – from business development and investment to supporting with tenders, public affairs and presentation skill training – RBD Advisory has a highly successful team that combines experienced professionals with business owners and those responsible for driving growth.

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